Professional Communication, the future is bright

A few times a year I get the chance to help out back at my alma mater, Professional Communication at Ryerson University. I’ve done guest lectures, activities, been part of video ad’s for the school etc. Last week I was MC of orientation for the department’s first undergraduate class.

I was part of the first graduating Master of Professional Communication class, so it was pretty cool to help welcome the first Bachelor of Professional Communication students. In only a few years ProCom (as we call it) has evolved their courses and faculty, established a great brand for their young masters degree and now has also launched this newest program.

Considering how ubiquitous communications is, you’d assume there are plenty of university programs that teach practical application of the skill. But, while there are many professional communication degree options in the US, Ryerson’s department is one-of-a-kind in Canada.* Coming from an established, well-respected undergraduate experience (Journalism at Carleton University), it was interesting to move on to graduate studies in a burgeoning academic setting. Now, I love going back and seeing how much energy and growth there is in the department, and have realized that it’s indicative of growth of the professional communication field as well.

It was such a pleasure to spend two days with the new ProCom undergrad’s. I was rather blown away by their enthusiasm as well as interest and knowledge about branding, the value of digital technology and the necessity of strategic thinking. They are going to join my former classmates and I as the future of professional communication and I think that future is very bright.

*There are many theoretical communications programs, but they don’t focus much on practice.



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