Editing – just do it. Because it’s painful when you don’t.

I’m not the best writer in the world. I read Margaret Atwood and F. Scott Fitzgerald and am almost saddened by the beauty of their prose, wondering if I’ll every come close. So I don’t expect brilliance from all the other regular writers like me out there. I enjoy casual, personal styles of writing so I don’t judge technically incorrect, but acceptable practices, like starting sentences with prepositions. But dear lord, I do expect basic grammar and sentence structure – and I imagine that most other people who love to read and write do as well. So if you’re going to publish..please, PLEASE, edit.

Case in point: the “About Us” page of a startup online magazine, Elite Millennial, who just encouraged me to check them out on Twitter, and is a self-proclaimed “voice” for my generation.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 12.19.30 AM


This is a basic, 2-minute edit of one paragraph (that still doesn’t fix the lacklustre content):

Elite Millennial is an Generation Y centric online magazine [“an” is used before words starting with vowel sounds]. All of our content is from produced by Generation Y writers from across the world who are from Generation Y from across the world [just because you CAN use the same preposition three times in eight words, doesn’t mean you should – the adverb “by” is more accurate than the first “from” anyways]. Many online magazines have a theme (news, sports, business, fashion, self-help, etc.). What we wanted to do was is create [you went from present to past tense!] a one stop shop as far as for quality content that spanned spans across [“across” is redundant, because you already said “spanned”] all subjects that appeal to Generation Y, as well as and their friends, family, and advocates of Generation Y.

I could continue editing, but then I’d have to comment on the content. And my point is simply this: a brand that doesn’t edit is one that I (and probably many others) will never follow. 

Ok, rant over. I’m going to drink tea now and read Tender is the Night. 


  1. Jon Taylor says:

    This was the happiest thing I have read all day. If there were room on the soapbox, I would hop up there with you. Amy and I just sent an email to a professional we had hired asking if we could rewrite all of her paperwork. Love her service, but it was difficult to sign off on a document with poor grammar and atrocious spelling!

  2. abigailgamble says:

    Thanks, Jon! I don’t know if reactive blog posts make much difference, but it’s worrisome how much illiteracy (like your example) there is in our constantly connected world.



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