I love stories.

Reading them, hearing them, writing them, sharing them.
 I’m not particularly unique. Lots of people love storytelling.
 But much of my life has been spent learning a few important things about crafting narrative:

1. While almost everyone can appreciate a good story, it takes practice and the right questions to find and write a good story.
I’ve been an obsessive question-asker since childhood. This trait was then honed and made worse by journalism school + work. (It gets to the point where friends sometimes ask if they’re being interviewed during regular conversation).
2. To tell a good story about anything you have to be interested in, well, everything.
Researching and understanding context is the step that comes before asking good questions. Being a constant student of news, policy,  business, politics, technology, culture, innovation and anything else related to the field I’m writing about has become a way of life.
3. My masters degree + work experience complemented my love of question-asking and storytelling, teaching me one more important skill for creating a good narrative: strategy.
The stories I produce, on behalf of a person, organization or cause don’t exist in a vacuum. They are meant to be read by a specific audience, usually with the goal of engaging them.



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