Toronto, Canada

Writer/Editor + Communications Strategist

What “Occupation” actually means:
storyteller, wordsmith, strategy designer, graphics + web overseer, organizer, social media specialist, content creator, media point-person, brand manager, researcher, engagement coordinator, problem solver

Why I’m technically qualified:
Bachelor of Journalism
(Minors: Mass Communication, History)
Master of Professional Communication
(Masters Research Project: Narrative Communication Strategies)

Why I’m actually qualified:
I learned-how-to-learn at a young age and have a small business background, which breeds innovation. I think strategically, work tirelessly, am an organizational freak and embrace everything I do wholeheartedly. 

Current Goals:
Build a business, visit Cambodia, start a social innovation project, do headstands in yoga (arm balances achieved!), do another degree, build my street sign collection, be more personal/vulnerable in writing I make public, read more poetry, become an early riser, write a book, run a half marathon.

Life Goals:
To never be defined by my occupation or goals, visit places I’ve never heard of, climb a volcano with a lava lake, go to chef school, write a book, backpack everywhere, assemble and read a list of classic books, be tri-lingual, learn parkour and kickboxing, go winter camping and constantly edit my life goals list. 




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